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A little extra me…that’ll be a dollar.

January 1, 2010

Okay, most of you know that I don’t really know what I want to be when I grow up. And I know some of you think it is incredibly silly that I feel that way. My Aunt even said, “You’re about as grown up as they get dear. You’re 30.”

But, like many of you, I find myself dispassionate about most of the work that I’ve been presented with and the idea that I will have to work so hard and for so many hours (at something I am dispassionate about) just to barely scrape by — the way I currently do — is an incredibly depressing prospect for my future.

Many of you know that I’m interested in being a college professor and I’m even laboring toward that end at the moment. What a lot of you don’t know is that I’m starting to have second thoughts about the subject matter I’m interested in.

I mean I want to teach. I enjoy the college culture and with the amount of vacation time teachers get — along with the fact that most universities encourage their staff to publish in some form — I think it would be a good environment for me.

But, if I’m going to basically be a teacher…do I really want to teach advertising? It seems like a less than lofty goal when I think about it. (I’ve actually been secretly wondering if I might want to get into a master’s program for creative writing — or if theatre really is the direction I should go.) But hey, maybe I just have cold feet.

So, maybe I shouldn’t go to graduate school for advertising. But what can I do…what skill do I have…that someone might pay me for? Is there anything in Crystal that is worth a bit of cold, hard cash?

My friend Tanya recently encouraged me to take my blog off of MySpace and try to make money through my writing. Sort of like Julie in “Julie and Julia.” Ask for donations and maybe even sell sponsorship spots on a blog page.

I have to admit, I like the idea. But I wonder who would send me any money. I also wonder if someone at a publishing house somewhere might stumble across the blog if it were on a public site. Maybe a young editor looking for new talent.

Every since I started thinking about it (okay, the honest truth is I’m daydreaming about it), I have had people left and right telling me how much they love my blog. People who I never would have imagined even reading my blog.

Since I linked the blog to Facebook my readership has at least tripled. I used to average 100 reads per post…but lately it’s been between 300 and 500 reads per post. Does that seem amazing to anyone else? That means more than just my friends are reading these.

I wonder if God — or the Universe, or whatever you call Him — is trying to tell me something. Dare I imagine that I might have mass-appeal? I am kind of a big deal, you know.

Anyway, I might go for it. If I do, I think I will also have to devote myself to publishing something once a day. Now I write at least once a day, but I don’t post everything. Heck, I practically wrote a book after both the Daniel and Blake break-ups but it all felt like too much for the masses.

It was almost too violent. I mean really gorey emotional stuff. Like opening up my chest — or at least a vein — and bleeding all over the computer screen. But maybe that’s why I have mass appeal — all the emotional carnage. Like you all read my accounts for the same reason we all slow down and stare at accident scenes.

Which brings me back to my original perponderance — I wonder how many people would want to watch the slapstick comedy of errors that is my life via blog. And, who might want to pay me for the priviledge?

What do you think guys, am I entertaining enough that someone might pay for a little extra me?

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