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My Little Angel #1

April 9, 2015

my_little_angel_by_marianneantoinette-d4suz5ySo, as some of you know I am now a sixth-grade teacher. Specifically, I am the writing teacher. Which I have to say is kind of perfect. I opened up a lot to my kiddos this year because our curriculum for the year began with a unit on personal narrative writing. In an effort to push them to deal with very deep subjects, I dealt with some very deep subjects of my own: the suicide of a friend back in high school.

(The other side of that coin is that most of the personal narrative writing I have done, other than the stuff about my friend who died, has included a lot of sex….so…yeah, that was out as a option.)

Because I chose this topic, I have cried in front of the kids. And I feel like some of us have bonded as a result. I told them my stories and many of them now tell me theirs. I didn’t hold back about the fact that I had a boyfriend — although I didn’t give the kiddos any details other than his first name and his intense love of fly-fishing.

So, when a few of the kids asked me about him this week — as a few always do — I just told them the truth: that he had broken up with me on Friday, and that it was because he thought it was for the best, and that I was very sad about it.

And the kids have been adorable about it. (Including Sarah, you can read about this little angel here.)

One little girl who gives me hugs at least once a day, found out and started hugging me twice every time she saw me. So, like ten times yesterday. She also stayed late yesterday to work on some make up work and walked me out (because she was heading in the same direction as me) after school. As we parted ways she gave me one more hug.

“Thank you sweetie. I always love getting hugs from you.”

“I have as many as you need,” she said.

“Well, I might need extra in the next few days,” I said.

“I know,” she said, looking up at me with a dire expression. “And remember,” she said, “you can talk to me anytime.”

My first response was to laugh. She’s four-feet tall — tops. And she has long red hair and bangs and these huge blue eyes surrounded by freckles all over her face. So cute I can hardly imagine taking her seriously.

“Okay, thank you,” I said with a giggle, and I started to let go of our hug. But she stopped me.

“Seriously, Ms. H.,” she said, putting her hands on my face, “anytime you need to talk, I am here for you.”

I was so shocked and touched. I gave her another hug and told her that she was very sweet.

Of course I wouldn’t bother a child with adult problems, but what a little angel. And she’s in my classroom every morning. I actually started to tear up again a bit as I hugged her goodbye.

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