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My Little Angel #2

April 10, 2015

“Okay, gang, let’s put away anything that isn’t our writing,” I said, while looking at the little girl in the front row who was clearly writing a note for someone.

And it smelled like a Sharpie.

And it smelled like a Sharpie.

As I went on with instruction, she just couldn’t seem to stop messing with the note. I sweetly redirected her several times, once while she was drawing on it, and then again as she was coloring part of it with her markers. Eventually she put it away and worked on her writing assignment like she was supposed to.

At the end of class several of the kiddos stayed behind a minute or two to talk and give me hugs — nothing unusual. This little girl just snuck out. Usually she talks to me a bit.

I snuck out after that too. (I had to pee.)

When I got back to my room and sat in my desk I found the note, on my desk. It was for me.

I read it, and I cried.

After school she came by and asked if I got her note. We talked for a bit. I told her that her note made me cry — in a good way — and that I was going to take it home to hang on my fridge as a reminder over the next few months.

“Good,” she said. “Cause you are like the best. No one should break up with you. You’re amazing. Don’t forget it.”

And I cried again. That’s one of my little angels.

Here is what her note said:

“Remember that things happen for a reason and if it was meant to be…you should be happy that it happened. Many people touch our lives in diffrent ways…some come for a while others stay for a season and show their magnificent essence for a purpose and then leave…and then there’s people that stay forever which ULTIMATELY are the ones that count so smile and cheer up! And I whanted you to now that your awesome!

Love “Sarah””

Okay, I know she probably got some of that from a greeting card or online meme or something…but…well…I gotta go. I’m crying again.

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