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I See You, and I Release You

April 20, 2015

silhouette-of-a-man-at-a-rocky-shore-in-sunset-hd-wallpaper-516870I hope this is the beginning of a long life full of self-realization, joy and healing. As I have told you before, I believe that you deserve all good things. And I see you with them. I know because of some of your personal pain, and things in your past, that finding and enjoying some of those things will require some hard work. But I know you can do it. I see you doing it. And I see who you are when it is all done. And you are beautiful.

I see you.

I believe I see who you really are. The full, healthy, healed version of you that loves yourself and the world around you. The version of you that yearns and plans for the joys the future, and learns from the past. You’re a bright light and a wise soul that is waking up. I recognize it. I know from experience that waking up can be painful. But I also know that it is worth it. And I want to assure you of that at this point on your journey.

I see you.

I can see you going through the pain and allowing yourself to fully experience the light, joy and peace on the other side of the dark experiences. You will do the work. You must. You’re compelled and you feel it through all of the distractions – no matter how many you give yourself. You feel the pull. I see it.

I see you.

The Universe has a lot incredible things in store for you. I see some of them. It’s more than you can currently hope for or even imagine. So dream big. Many of the gifts, the Universe is holding out to you with anticipation, and just waiting for you to reach out and claim for yourself.

And you will. I believe – I have to believe – you will.

I see you.

I have seen you on the edge of your darkness, looking out for the possibilities that you feel are there. But afraid – not quite seeing the outline of the shore you are hoping for – that if you pursue them, you may not be able to reach them. But I want you to know it’s safe to jump in. You’ll have to kick. You’ll have to pull. You’ll be tired and feel out of breath at times. But the shore is there and you are getting stronger as you swim for it. I see you on that bright shore.

I see you.

Up until this point you have been afraid to let go of the pain. It’s been there so long. It has defined so much of who you have believed yourself to be up until this point. But it isn’t who you are. You are an ancient, a sage. You are one of our teachers. One of the gentle souls that can heal others just by being who you are meant to be. You hold truth that can touch us all.

I see you.

I have told you these things before and you have said, “I hope that’s true.” This is my urge to you not to stop at hope, but to believe. Believe it. And do the work as if you believe it is already true. Because you deserve it all.

I see you.

You have asked me to let you go, and I am doing that work in the knowledge that the Universe has amazing things for both you and me – whether we create them together or find them on our own. I trust that you will go, do the work, and create something beautiful for yourself. Something strong and joyful that you are immensely proud of. As I leave you, I assure you that I will do the same. The things I gave you while we were together, I gave fully and they are yours to keep. What you gave me, I accepted fully and I will keep it close to my heart.

I see you.

I see you happy, and light and smiling. I see you feeling your purpose and knowing that you are fulfilling it a little at a time each day. I see you calm and wise and taking care of yourself and others. I see you easing the pain of others and teaching compassion easily wherever you go. I see you creating amazing things easily. Things that will outlast us all and continue burning and moving and growing long after you have set them to spark, to spin, to seed.

I see you.

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