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The Message I Did Send…

August 25, 2016

big_thumb_2312813cc05ae62cfd76b7c4bfb8340cWhen someone leaves on purpose I always wonder if I have done enough. I am missing my friend, whether she really did leave on purpose or if it was something else, somehow (see how I wish it were something else?), I am definitely assuaging my pain by remembering the last message I sent.

Me: I’m falling asleep and thinking of you. You are wise, kind, generous, loving and sincere. You are one of the best people I know, and you already have everything you need to accomplish everything you have in mind. And you deserve it all. Keep looking for it, asking for it and working for it (if you have to…I don’t think you’ll have to work that hard). Then universe has been waiting to for you to open your hands so that it can finally give you all of the amazing things that it has been gathering up for you! Time to say yes!

Gerri: Thanks so much babe, you made me cry again, but this one was worth the cry.

Me: You are going to be so happy about all of this so soon.

I guess I was wrong. But I’m glad that’s what I said.

(P.S. Maybe I was right. Maybe she’s more aware of all of the love from her past life and the universe now.)


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