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Falling in Love with…Tom Hanks

August 11, 2011

Another fella for my list of "Sexy-But-I-Don't-Know-Why" game. Although, with Tom I think it's the talent and the funny. Oh baby.

Do you ever have a dream that you can’t stop thinking about?

I had one last night. I even tried to go back to bed after I woke up in hopes that my mind would pick up where it left off in the dream. Sadly, it didn’t – and things had just started getting really good!

What was the dream you may ask. Well it was a dream about a date – an instant date that happened when I ran into a man on the street and we hit it off in such a way that we just spent the rest of the day together. It was sweet, it was smart, it was sexy – and, of course it was weird because, come on it was a dream.

What was weird about it?

Well, first of all the guy was Tom Hanks. I know, strange, right? But I mean like “Big” -era Tom – although the setting was actually the ’80s. I had big hair and everything. I mean neon, a ruffle-skirt – the works. And we were in some big city, but no big city I’ve ever been to.

Are you ready for the timeline to get even more skewed? Tom and I met because he was out putting up posters for his movie “Angels and Demons.” (Yeah, he had a bit of a mullet.) I know, my brain make some weird stuff sometimes. And, get this, I haven’t even seen “Angels and Demons.” And why would Tom Hanks be out putting up posters for his own movie? And, get this, he was all alone and he needed help.

I was just on the way to a thrift store to drop off some clothes (and life-sized cardboard cut-outs of celebrities…yeah, again, I don’t know why) when I ran across Tom trying to put up posters. He was having a difficult time getting them up straight because – they were like HUGE stickers or Post-it notes.

He kept sticking and re-sticking one of them and he just couldn’t get it right. As I walked by he asked me if I would help. I thought for a moment, but then I decided to put down my huge cardboard cutout of…what was that? A pig? With a straw in its mouth? Anyway, I put it down and helped him put up the huge, post-it poster.

I helped with a couple more posters and he helped me take my items to the thrift store for some cash. By then we were both deeply smitten. Touching affectionately and heading toward his apartment.I was touching his chest when I joked that I would be able to tell which apartment was his by looking at the front door.

He took me to the block his apartment was on and said, “Okay, give it a try.”

I pointed at a grey door and I was right. We were about to walk in and…

Meeeeep, Meeeeep, MEEEEEP…

Stupid alarm clock.

Strange dream.

I woke up feeling in love. I still sort of feel in love. Huh.

Well, maybe now that I have written it down I can stop thinking about it. I guess I just hope I still feel like I’m in love.

Oh sigh.

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  1. September 20, 2011 2:14 am

    You’ve got mail. Great Tom hanks movie.



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